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European Blockchain Summit 2018 in Slovenia
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European Blockchain Summit 2018 in Slovenia

With Slovenia at the forefront, it is becoming a global blockchain superpower

Slovenia hosted the first European Blockchain Summit, where representatives of international governmental organizations and some of the most respected companies in the blockchain business worldwide addressed the most pressing issue all such ICO companies deal with – regulation.

The event, organized by the Blockchain Alliance Europe, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and ConsenSys, has led to encouraging conclusions: blockchain companies are the foundation of the new industry and dictate the guiding principle of the new digital era which many see as the fourth industrial revolution. This should also be taken into account by the governmental institutions that should provide the newly emerging companies with more favorable conditions in order for Europe to become the most desirable blockchain destination.

Co-founder of the second most important cryptocurrency Ethereum and CEO of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin with Slovenian prime minister dr. Miro Cerar.

Europe on the path of the digital revolution

The conference opened with the welcome address delivered by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, dr. Miro Cerar, who highlighted several activities which successfully put Slovenia on the European and global blockchain map. He stressed the importance of a systematic creation of a positive support and (self-)regulatory environment for the development of blockchain entrepreneurship and the acquisition and training of top-level staff in the field of the blockchain technology, and added that the representatives of the local companies are well aware of that, as they eagerly welcome the regulation and the adjustment of the legislative framework.

Other renowned international and local experts agreed that Europe was the heart of the rapidly growing blockchain industry. Slovenia is at the forefront of these endeavors, which, in the coming years, can not only contribute to its recognizability but also to an encouraging economic growth and new jobs in the high-tech business.

“With an exceptional increase in the number of successful blockchain companies, Slovenia filled 500 new vacancies only last year,” said Tanja Bivic, President of Blockchain Alliance Europe and co-host of the event. “Only last year, there were 8 Slovenian companies that successfully executed their ICOs and, thus, brought the topic into practically every Slovenian home. A successful ICO brings a great deal of commitment to the investors, but also provides new employment opportunities, creative business environments and new, dynamic companies of the future.”

Other speakers and participants highlighted the incredible applicability of the blockchain technology in the economic and public sectors. Apart from digitizing data and increasing control over their use, innovative technology can bring transparency and agility, and speed up a series of highly time-consuming bureaucratic challenges. Its integration into the everyday life and business operations was also discussed by representatives of international projects that have already successfully applied it to respective fields of medicine, finance, music and biometrics.
A lot of attention was directed towards the highly-anticipated Joseph Lubin, co-founder of the second most important cryptocurrency Ethereum and CEO of ConsenSys, who is held in the highest esteem by the crypto community. “With the explosion of blockchain solutions, there is also the emergence of decentralized applications which will, with the transition to the new industrial revolution, turn our views on the nature of digital identities, business operations and data exchange upside down,” said Lubin. The new era, thus, brings about technological changes that put the user first.

Blockchain companies are the foundation of the new industry, which is why they will have a significant impact on various aspects of a citizen’s Europe and the world. The blockchain technology brings transparency, simplicity and fairness to the existing governmental and social organizations. Slovenia has an incredible opportunity of becoming a blockchain destination of the future. With exceptional knowledge of technology and a great number of projects that already use the blockchain technology to change the world for the better, all it needs is an appropriate legal and economic framework that will enable smooth business operations and encourage further growth.

Source and photos: Blockchain Alliance Europe

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