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Fist self-service bulk product vending machine Bert
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Fist self-service bulk product vending machine Bert

Brezembalazni Bert4

On the premises of the Reuse Centre, at Povšetova 4, the first self-service bulk product vending machine Bert has been set up. The vending machine operates from Tuesday to Saturday between 9.00 and 17.00.


Brezembalazni Bert3

Machine production also following circular economy principles

The self-service vending machine Bert offers bio detergents, shampoos and several types of vinegar and oil to customers who bring their own (reusable) containers, and is a somewhat special machine.
Not only does it pour products without packaging, but with its special attire made out of used plastic bottles it conveys the message that with prudent buying we can prevent the creation of new waste.

Bert offers customers products which were produced locally following sustainable criteria, they are of high quality and sold at competitive prices. All of the equipment in the packaging-free market is made out of plastic packaging, which is melted and processed into plastic boards used to create furniture.

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