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Known Best Apartment Building in Ljubljana 2017
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Known Best Apartment Building in Ljubljana 2017

Photo: N. Rovan

At the start of the traditional campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana, on Thursday, 22 March 2018, the Best Apartment Building in Ljubljana in 2017 was announced.

The tile was awarded to the apartment building on Smoletova ulica 12, 12a and 12b.

The aim of the campaign Best Apartment Building in Ljubljana is to motivate residents in multi-family residential buildings to contribute to the best of their ability to their building’s image of clean, well-managed and environment friendly co-living.

The winning apartment building on Smoletova 12, 12a and 12b is almost 60 years old (the oldest among the nominated apartment buildings in 2017), which means the renovation demanded a lot of goodwill, great cooperation and synergy between residents in the apartment building with as many as three entrances, that is, stare cases. Among all evaluation criteria the element of cooperation between neighbours was the one which truly convinced the expert jury. At the event, the Mayor specifically commended the solidarity and self-initiative shown by the residents.

The residents of the winning apartment building received a plaque, a flag, 20 Ljubljana Rose saplings and an offer of a lower electricity supply price for the common areas drawn up by the energy company Energetika Ljubljana.

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