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Let yourself be taken away
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Let yourself be taken away

pusti se zapeljati

Within the framework of the European Mobility Week we presenting the launch of the long-term communication campaign »Pusti se zapeLJati« (let yourself be taken away) aimed primarily at the promotion and awareness-raising on sustainable mobility in Ljubljana.

The launch of the campaign is one of the permanent measures of the European Mobility Week with which we are going to encourage the citizens and visitors to Ljubljana to move around the city on foot, using bicycles, public transport or other environmentally friendly forms of mobility. The slogan of the campaign refers not only to traffic, but it is also an expression of Ljubljana’s character and emphasises how sustainable mobility contributes to the wellbeing of citizens, and at the same time it is an appeal for sustainable action and changes of traveling habits towards »greener« ones.

From this point forward the campaign is going to include all activities of the City of Ljubljana in the field of traffic policy and urban, sustainable transport.

As it is our mission to create sustainable mobility for the coming generations, the visual image of the campaign was designed by the children in Ljubljana’s kindergartens and schools. Their illustrations, which are presenting their view of the city traffic, are now the core artistic element of the campaign.

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