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Ljubljana celebrates
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Ljubljana celebrates

Tuesday, 10. 5. 2016

On 7 May 2016, on the occasion of the City Holiday of Ljubljana, the new section of the Dolomitski odred Street and the renovated south part of the Slovenska Street were opened for traffic.

In addition, 30 new environmentally friendly city buses have been introduced.

Since the opening of the south part of Slovenska Street, city buses have again been driving in both directions on this section of the street. On this occasion the new environmentally friendly city buses powered by natural gas, which is supplied by the energy company Energetika Ljubljana, were on display at the central section of Slovenska Street. With them we have made an additional contribution to cleaner air and noise reduction in this year’s European Green Capital.

The fleet of the public passenger transport company LPP has thus been enhanced with 30 low-floor articulated buses which are, at the length of 18 metres, the longest articulated buses in the fleet. The acquisition of the buses increased LPP’s capacity during morning rush hours and that is particularly important for the busiest routes on which the new buses are predominantly intended to be used.
The buses are equipped in accordance with the latest European standards. They have low floors, video systems, LED screens and they are, in all aspects, suitable for people with disabilities (they feature a ramp, voice announcements, travel direction announcements, screens above the driver’s seat, areas suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities, appropriately coloured handholds and they also bear the mark of conformity with the latest European exhaust gas emission standard EURO VI).
With this acquisition the average age of buses in the public passenger traffic fleet has dropped to 8.73 years. The contemporary environmentally friendly buses, using natural gas as engine fuel, are improving the quality of urban life in Ljubljana.

With a loan from the NLB bank 30 new buses were bought and that is the second biggest renewal of LPP’s fleet (since 2007, the company has replaced as many as 131 buses, 47 of which were solo buses and 84 articulated buses).
Furthermore, the LPP company, which transports over 200,000 passengers on daily basis, is soon going to enlarge its fleet with additional seven buses which are in full conformity with the strictest EURO VI environmental requirements. The City of Ljubljana is going to buy these buses using a financial incentive from the ECO Fund, the Slovenian Environmental Public Fund.


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