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Ljubljana, most dog-friendly city 2017
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Ljubljana, most dog-friendly city 2017


Ljubljana received the title most dog-friendly city 2017.

In the first round of the competition the visitors to the website www.kuzek.si nominated candidates who in their opinion deserve to be called the best.

Five most nominated candidates then went into the final round and among them the readers chose Ljubljana as the most dog-friendly city 2017. There were 29,000 votes cast.

Ljubljana cares for dogs

In Ljubljana there are currently 29,000 registered dogs.
Regardful of their well-being we are, among other things, managing dog parks where dogs can move around freely – so far we have set up four such parks (on Vilhar Street, in Štepanjsko naselje, in Koseze and in the Šmartinska Park).
In addition, we have set up two open-air dog toilets, and in the whole area of the City of Ljubljana there are 234 dog posts set up on public surfaces where dog owners can dispose of dog waste (otherwise they can also dispose of it in the bin for mixed communal waste).
Since 2015 the City of Ljubljana is using its socially responsible campaign »Man, take care of your city.« to call attention to the unacceptability of vandalism and stress the significance of respect for our common public space. In 2016 and 2017, the campaign also focused on the awareness-raising about picking up dog waste.
Dog owners, be responsible! During your walks clean up after your four-legged friends, walk them on a leash and make sure not to frighten especially children who may be afraid of dogs.

We are building a new animal shelter

The new animal shelter is going to be built at the premises of the former cow farm under the dairy company Ljubljanske mlekarne where we are setting up the biggest and the most modern space in Slovenia enabling, in addition to its principal activity of performing the public service of a shelter, the development of a centre for addressing the wider issue of responsible guardianship and well-being of pets, as well as education and training of young professional staff and the wider public.

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