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Matevž Lenarčič started a special environmental mission
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Matevž Lenarčič started a special environmental mission

The Slovenian aviation and climate researcher Matevž Lenarčič started a flight from Maribor airport to a new environmental mission with an ultralight aircraft. This time, Asia will overtake more than 20,000 kilometers in length and collect environmental pollution data to combat climate change.

Photo: Gregor Mlakar/STA

The new Green Light Wolrd Flight mission is dedicated to the collection of climate change data. While previous missions focused on soot, this time they focused on the wider composition of pollution.

Lenarčič started to fly from Maribor and will continue through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam to China. From there he flew north through Mongolia to Russia, where the Russian pilot Andrej Dubrovin will accompany him on his way, and then back to his homeland. The mission will take 40 days, Lenarčič will complete the flight in 13 stages.

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