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New dog park in the Šmartinska Park
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New dog park in the Šmartinska Park

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In the City of Ljubljana all dog parks are admission-free as we want to promote friendly cohabitation of dog owners, their furry friends and other citizens.

From now on citizens can take their pet dogs for a walk to a new dog park located in the Šmartinska Park stretching over 1500 m2. The intention behind the dog parks is to enable the dogs to move freely whereas owners have to keep their pets on a leash in other parts of the park. There are benches for visitors, general waste bins and bins for dog waste set up in the park.

In the past decade four dog parks have been set up, the other three being:

  • on Vilhar Street (as part of the North Park) a 930 m2 big dog park has been set up in 2010,
  • in 2013 in Štepanjsko naselje (on Presarje Street) spanning over 960 m2 and
  • in 2016 in Koseze next to the apartment blocks on Brothers Učakar Street covering 1420 m2.

We are very pleased the dog parks are popular. Ljubljana is a city friendly towards people as well as their pets.

We are managing dog toilets and emptying dog waste bins
In Tivoli Park and in the district community Vič two open-air dog toilets are set up, and in the area of the City of Ljubljana there are 234 dog posts on public surfaces where dog owners can dispose of dog waste.
In the area of the City of Ljubljana there are 234 dog waste bins set up where rolls of bags are regularly changed. We are no longer setting up new bins for dog waste in new locations as the dog bins are now being replaced with the so called Koško bins equipped with bags.
Dog owners can use a bag to pick up dog faeces and dispose of it in the bin for mixed communal waste.
The public waste management company empties the existing dog bins on daily basis, that is, every other day, depending on the degree the location is frequented.

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