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Our heritage: where the past meets the future
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Our heritage: where the past meets the future

Our heritage: where the past meets the future

Cultural heritage is a reflection of our collective memory and an expression of our values, identities, religious and other beliefs, our knowledge and traditions.

Wherever you look in Slovenia you can find archaeological sites, architecture of medieval towns and castles, and you can also see it in the cultural landscape. You can find it in the wealth of folk tradition, folklore, and the customs and habits passed on to younger generations. It is composed of literature, art, objects, the crafts we learn, the stories we tell ourselves, the food we eat and the films we watch.

Cultural heritage brings together the community and builds a common understanding of the places where we live. It promotes mutual respect and respect for our living environment, and helps us to raise responsible citizens. We inherit cultural heritage from our ancestors, and we thereby take on a commitment to preserve it for our descendants.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia is actively taking part in the celebrations of the European Year of Cultural Heritage . A few central events will be complemented with countless events organized by museums, galleries and other cultural institutions and other government or civil stakeholders. The aim is to showcase cultural heritage to everybody, and above all to children and young people, in an interesting and relaxed way in order to encourage active dialogue about its role in the future.

Source: Ministry of Culture

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