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Slovenian cultural heritage meets rap
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Slovenian cultural heritage meets rap

Slovenia changed into Fair Vida

An ingenious and bold way of thinking about Slovenian poetry linked with modern Slovenian rap music, as presented in the book Kla kla klasika by Rok Terkaj – Trkaj, rapper, and Dr Igor Saksida, literary historian, encouraged the Ministry of Culture to invite the authors to participate in the promotion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage under the slogan "Our heritage: where the past meets the future".

One of their first steps, aimed at raising awareness among young people about the importance of preserving cultural heritage for future generations, is the video for the poem "Lepa Vida" (Fair Vida), which was first broadcast on 8 February this year, on the occasion of Slovenian Cultural Holiday.

The Slovenian myth of Fair Vida is a legend about a girl who longs for happiness and a better life. In Slovenian art this poem has been retold and rewritten for many times. It was put to words and interpreted by poet France Prešeren, poet, and the writer Ivan Cankar, writer Josip Jurčič, writer Boris Pahor, and others.

A scene in video. Photo: Ministry of Culture Archives

Modern and unique interpretation

Rapper Trkaj and literary historian Saksida interpret the poem in a different way. They have added recognisable geographical, poetic, cultural and heritage elements that are typical of Slovenia to the basic legend of Fair Vida. In their interpretation the two authors have replaced the emotions of longing and regret with amazement and regret. Slovenia is presented as a metaphor of Fair Vida, the girl from the original poem. The authors portray Slovenia as a beautiful country not to be left behind only to be appreciated in retrospect.

At the Opening of the Year of the Cultural Heritage in The National Gallery. Ambassadors Dr Igor Saksida and rapper Rok Terkaj - Trkaj. Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

Didactic aid

The Year of the European Cultural Heritage is also of importance in connection with young people’s increasing interest in national and European culture. For this reason, the video is not only interesting, but also useful. As a didactic tool, it will also help teachers in the teaching process. Its performance appeal, especially for young people, conveys a message that traditional poetry, as part of the Slovenian cultural heritage, is also of interest to a wider audience. It was already introduced at the some Elementary schools. The young audience liked it.

Besides rapper Rok Terkaj – Trkaj and literary historian Igor Saksida, the PFPF team and producer Damjan Jović also participated in the project. On the eve of the Cultural Holiday, rapper Trkaj also performed the song at the central state ceremony in Cankarjev Dom. Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA

Source: Ministry of Culture

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