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Renault Clio I feel Slovenia
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Renault Clio I feel Slovenia

The Government Communication Office manages the national brand I feel Slovenia

Renault Slovenia officially unveiled a new limited series of cars, the Clio I feel Slovenia.

I feel Slovenia is a strong national brand for Slovenia, which combines the beauty of the Slovenian natural environment with the national identity and the virtues of the people of Slovenia.

“We are extremely happy to be cooperating with Renault, and with the fact that the Novo mesto made Clio will be carrying the I feel Slovenia brand. At the Government Communication Office, where we manage the national brand, we promote the widest possible but at the same time judicious use of the I feel Slovenia brand. We are aware of the large amount of competition in this globalised world, which applies not just to commercial entities but also to countries. A strong national brand gives additional strength to a country and to the products and services it generates. We are pleased that Renault has recognised the power of our national brand”, says Kristina Plavšak Krajnc, Director of the Government Communication Office.

Renault stated that they are grateful to the Government Communication Office for recognising the Slovenian Clio as an appropriate ambassador for the nation, and therefore allowing the use of the I feel Slovenia brand to designate this series of cars. The Revoz factory has been known for many years as one of the finest, highest-quality factories in the Renault Group’s global production system.

The Clio I feel Slovenia, which will be produced in this high-quality facility, will undoubtedly serve as an excellent ambassador for all of the best things we associate with Slovenia: we are small, but we have everything the bigger ones have!

The Renault Clio is the most popular car in Slovenia, and production of the Clio returned to Slovenia in 2017. Our pride in Renault vehicles is demonstrated with the commencement of production of the Clio I feel Slovenia limited series, which will be manufactured exclusively in Slovenia.

The story of the I feel Slovenia brand speaks of our natural environment, our country and our national identity. A no less important part of the I feel Slovenia brand are the people of Slovenia, who are industrious and who enter into everything they enjoy with determination, whether it be work, sports, arts and culture, scientific research or leisure time. The national brand I feel Slovenia was established in 2007, and its basic purpose is to create a positive image and to increase the recognition and reputation of the country.

Source: Slovenia Weekly/ Government Communication Office
Photo: UKOM Archives

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